Casually Styled // Zara Boyfriend Jeans

I am fast approaching my trip to America, my suitcase is packed, my hand luggage is nearly ready to go..I've only got a few bits of bobs to get from town today, and then I am ready! WOO! I Fly on Saturday, and I can not wait!
As the majority of my warm clothes are packed, I'm having to really search to collate an outfit..

Here is today's look - I love these Zara boyfriend jeans! I have probably been searching for a good pair of boyfriend jeans for about a year or so now. Every pair i've seen have either drowned me, or just looked plain silly! As I do have quite slim legs, I needed a pair that had semi structure to them without being to "Skinny"...Picky I know! I often have an exact idea of a piece of clothing that I'd like, and I don't settle until I find exactly what I'm looking for, and these jeans are a perfect example of it!
Here i've rolled the bottom of the jeans slightly to show the detail of the sandals, these sandals are so old. I bought these from H&M maybe about 3 years ago, and I just love them. Again I'm very particular with the style of sandals that I'm looking for and until I find a pair, these aren't going anywhere!

Paired with this oversized H&M top, creates the perfect casual look. It's pulled together without being too overdone..If you're looking to add a little more shazaam to an outfit, pair it with jewellery, and perhaps some heels et voila! 

In terms of posts while I'm away, I probably won't get much of a chance to get any up, but be sure to check out my Instagram at Candidly Chloe to follow everything I get up to on my holibobs! I will updating that daily!
And of course, that haul when I get back..brace your selves, It's gonna be a goodern! 

Til' next time...


Mulberry Bayswater Bracelet // Puppy Update //

The weather was incredibly temperamental today, so I really didn't think I'd be able to get the photos I needed...But luckily we got a small bracket of sunshine here in the 'Shire so I was able to get these snaps - YAY!

I am in love with this H&M "Basics" Dress...It's a stripe, no shock there really! I'm 5ft 7, a very medium height, some lengths completely shrink me, but this is the perfect length to give the illusion of a few more inches, hazaar! 
If the wonderful English weather would realise that it is the end of May, and it should be blimming warm..*vigorously shakes wrist* then I wouldn't have to be wearing my Primark Fleece tights, but I'm going to Florida next Saturday so this dress will definitely be coming - Minus the fleece tights! 

This is hat is a Topsop beauty! I feel that they are the shop to go to for hats on the highstreet, season after season they nail them! Although it is an A/W 14' throwback, i'm bringing it right into S/S 15'. I really haven't gotten as much wear out of this as I should have over the past few months, but no time like now eh!?

This Mulberry Bayswater bracelet has to be one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, its classic and the signature Mulberry clasp just takes it to a whole new level. I've had my eye on this clasp for a good while now and when I received it for my 21st in December, I was over the moon! Needless to say, I wear it every opportunity I can!

Now, who wants to see the Puppies!?

They kept on trying to sneak into my photos, and they're just too cute not to feature them! They're getting so big, why can't they stay puppies forever! I'm dreading how big they're going to be when I get back from America! :( 



Simplistic Stripes//

I have been super inspired lately by Pinterest, I tend to pin very simplistic, minimal looks as that is where I am aiming to take my wardrobe. I want to invest in pieces that are timeless that I'm able to reuse and re-jig season after season. The Parisians have totally nailed this ethos, so I tend to search "Parisian Fashion" or "French Fashion" and needless to say a lot of stripes, black, and leather tend to appear.

I recently did a little bit of Asos shopping and picked up this striped top, paired with black jeans, and loafers create a totally effortless look. As this is England we are talking about... a jacket, or cardigan is an essential, so again think simple. Duster coats and trench coats work beautifully with simple pieces, finalising the effortless chic the Parisians do so well.

In terms of make-up, again less is more so for this look it's just a quick sweep of mascara and eyebrows and your set..

In other news, I have become stupidly obsessed over "Dance Moms." How amazing is that show?! The bitchy-ness is on a whole new level..it' great!
I've also started getting my goodies for my holiday next week, i've been watching lots of "What's in my travel bag" on YouTube, and making lists..It's all very exciting! 


A Quick Face Of The Day #FOTD

I have been thoroughly enjoying my time off from uni thus far..lol jks ive been working. Woo.
I don't mind too much though, I'm off to America in 2 weeks *EEKK* so I need all the money I can get because laaawd knows girl gonna' have some fun in Sephora!! 

With working AND the internet so wonderfully going down last week getting posts up hasn't been the easiest of tasks, but I'm in Liverpool for a few days so with my DSLR in hand a Sefton Park just round the corner It would be silly not to get an OOTD up this week..right?! 

But for now, here is a quick FOTD:

On my face i'm wearing:

Ex1 Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in F200
Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Honey
Nars Orgasm Blush
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
MAC Eyeshaddow in Jete
No7 Shimmer Brick (use the lightest shade as my Eyeshaddow Base)
Soap and Glory Supercat eyeliner
L'oreal Telescopic Mascara
Paw Paw Lip Balm

Hair -
Curled using Babyliss Volume Waves

Til' Next time..


Vaseline Spray & Go Review

I'm the first to admit I am not great at the whole moisturising my body thing..Firstly, I'm lazy, secondly I HATE that slimey mingin feeling it leaves on my hands and well... on my body for the next half an hour/fourty minuites..Its just not for me.

So when this was launched last year I was over the moon and thought "YES WINNER, THIS IS RIGHT UP MY STREET"...so off I went to Boots, only to find they wanted £7 for it. I get it was just launched  and all that jazz, but crikey was it liquid gold or something?! I was not a happy camper.

So fast forward to now, still a lazy moisturiser, but haazaar its not £7 any more - Thank the moisturiser gods! I was picking up some deodorant in my local Superdrug and noticed that they had the Vaseline Spray and Go on sale for £3.99...thats more like it!
Obviously I jumped at the chance to get it, and I am SO glad I did!

There are 3 in the collection currently, an aloe vera, a coca butter and this oat based one. If i'm honest it was all a bit of an exciting blur for me so I just picked any up and got to the counter, but i'm pretty happy with the one I did buy! 
This is the PERFECT lazy girl moisturiser, the spray feature..I mean why didn't anyone think of this earlier!
It dispenses just the right amount of product, you simply hold the bottle 4 inches away and spray!
It is not greasy, and sinks in within 30 seconds - 1 minute which for me is pretty ideal..I can literally just spray and go..get my post shower comfy clothes on. 

Have you tried any of the other Vaseline Spray & Go products?

Don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin' - I'm going to be hosting my first giveaway really soon so keep you eyes peeled for that! 

Til' next time..


QUAY - about last night - Sunglasses!

If you follow me on twitter you'll know i've had a strong urge for another pair of sunglasses, and especially the QUAYxSHAY.
I am in LOVE with Quay sunglasses, they offer such a varied range of sunglasses that really do offer everything, from minimal chic to retro..they honestly do everything!
I've had my eye on a pair from the range they did with Shay Mitchell ( Emily from PLL ) who just happens to be a huge babe..mini girl crush going on here..but I just haven't seen them being stocked on any UK websites which is a total sucker. 

Instead, I chose these bad boys. I spotted them on Asos for £22 and I had to purchase! These are the "About Last Night" style, they are soo different to any sunglasses that I already own and the blue reflective lens just sold it for me! 
Asos do stock a small selection from Quay, but from what I can tell they often change which styles they do sell. Which can be a bugger, for instance these are no longer on the website but you can get them straight from Quay here.

I am quite the sucker for a tortoise shell print on sunglasses. I think they really compliment my skin tone - especially when I have a tan! 
As the sunny weather has buggered off and we're back to wind and cloud i've not really had much of a chance to test out the UV/Sun Blocking they provide, but I did wear them yesterday when we had a brief snippet of sunshine and they provided excellent blocking from the sun - good news!

How cool is the reflective lens - I love these and will certainly be getting my use out of these this summer!!

Have you got any of the Quay selection!?

Until next time..


April Favourites

April Favourites already?!
I can't believe we are already coming to the end of April, Its May next week. Holy moly! 
Additionally, I'm officially on my summer break, I know I have a VERY early summer but I'm certainly not complaining - so technically speaking that is my first favourite - YAY! 

But now onto my actual April favourites...These are the products that I have been loving during the month of April!

Lets start with the bloggers favourite, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer. Now obviously there has been a lot of hype over this product over the last few years, with people saying that it really is everything you need in a concealer..and then some. It certainly doesn't disappoint! Not only does it provide excellent dark circle coverage, (cancelling out my deep purple bags) its also adds a highlighting effect that when paired with a matte - semi matte foundation it looks beyond beautiful! I'm in the shade Honey, but as we get further into summer I imagine I will need a darker shade, so I will certainly not hesitate in purchasing this again! 

My second is another make-up item, this time its from MAC. This past month or so, i've been cutting out foundation. I feel like i'm at a point in my life where  finally i'm comfortable with my skin, its been a long journey but i'm finally there. I still get blemishes, but no where near as bad as I used to. So I think why wear foundation everyday, when really I don't need to be using it on a daily basis. I want to let my skin breathe. So i've been heading towards this Mineralize Skinfinish power in the colour Medium just to sweep over my face to help set my concealer, and also to help with any shine throughout the day *oily gal here* Unlike other powders i've tried this doesn't look cakey on this skin and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth! 

As I said, I feel happy about my skin at the moment. I had acne, and now it has left me with a scarring. I find my skin, scars very easily and a spot can take up to 8-10 weeks for it to fade completely. Which can be a right pain in the bum. When it was first suggested that I try Bio-Oil, I had a mini panic.."I already have oily skin, why would I put more oil onto my face." Boy was I wrong, not only does this provide moisture it's doing wonderful things to my scars! I'm not completely happy with them yet but I feel that this is 100% making a difference to my acne scars.

Multi-Vitamins + Iron, a little unconventional for a favourites..Perhaps..But something I'd recommend to anyone without question.  I have never reaaally been a tablet kinda girl, I kinda just ate what I wanted, didn't really think too much about the consequences. Since taking these I have found an improvement in a number of aspects of my life. I wake up refreshed rather than STILL tired, my skin has more of a glow, my under eye circles are less prominent, and my hair is growing a lot faster too! I don't know why I didn't start taking these earlier!

Dr Paw Paw is the balm of all balms! It's multifunctional, it doesn't leave a slimy feeling, soaking in to leave silky smooth feeling. I only really tend to use this of an evening, focusing on my lips and on any dry patches. It can be used on nails and cuticles too. 

Finally, is this Zara perfume in Oriental. I've kinda always turned a blind eye to the Zara perfume range, I guess I always just assumed they'd smell a bit cheap and overpowering but I was very wrong! This one is the perfect light spring/summer scent. I have been using the My Burberry perfume but I found it to be a too heavy scent with the warmer months rolling in. This has a light and fruity scent which is exactly what I was looking for so, needless to say this has fast become my statement smell and for only £5.99 - bargain!!

What are your April favourites!?