My Lazy Red Lip Tutorial...

I love a good red as much as the next person, but it can be very fiddly and messy, getting on your teeth and even your face if you're lucky...and then after a few hours you find it pretty much all come off and you're left with is a faint reminder of what was..or maybe something less dramatic than that... haha! 
But nonetheless, its is a pain it the bootay to say the least, that is why lip stains are the way forward. I honestly don't know how I lived before this gem came into my life.. 

I've heard a lot of pretty great thing about Wet n' Wild but unfortunately its not stocked here in the UK.. so when my mum went to Florida last year I took good advantage of that and got her to pick me up some American drugstore goodies. One of the things she did bring back was this Megalast lip product in the shade Red my mind.  Its the perfect cool toned red, so not only is it a really lovely colour, but it also makes your teeth look whiter - Win! 

Enough blabbing from me, I'll give you my step by step guide to achieving this hassle free, long lasting lip look..

-Pre base application: apply a decent lip balm that is going to give your lips a quick nourish before we start applying product..Also lip stains do tend to be rather drying so we want to avoid cakey lips.

- Optional: Line your lips using a matte lip liner, I like to use Mac lip liner in the shade Cherry as it is a really versatile shade. Its also a gorgeous shade to wear alone. I often tend to slightly over draw my top lip as its is significantly smaller that my bottom. If you are looking to over draw I can't tell you how important it is to always use a matte shade.

- Once my liner is applied I apply my Megalast product, keeping it within the line you have created using your liner. Now you do have to work quite fast with this product, and trust me don't get it on your teeth i've made that mistake it is a right pain to get off! It has quite an odd feeling as its drying but once it is dry it is completely matte and doesn't really feel like you have anything on your lips at all. Which for me is perfect!

-Finally, I make those lines extra clean using a Concealer and a brush.

What is your go to red lip product? 
Leave a comment or tweet me, I'd love to know if there are any other reds I should look out for!!

Chloe xx


Is it spring yet?

Ok, so its official...Uni swallowed me whole and left me no time to keep up with blogging, buuut after taking a browse around the blogosphere, I realised actually I really enjoy blogging and it is something I am really passionate about - why I let it slip I will never know. Slap on the wrists for me!

But back on topic eh?! Is it spring yet, this winter has d-r-a-g-g-e-d! I am not a great lover of winter as it is, but holy moly this one has been never ending! I am so ready for spring, warm weather, cold drinks the lot. Dreaming of summer is honestly getting me through deadlines! I have so many at the moment, with my second year at Uni fast coming to an end - Which is very scary, only one more year until I'm in the big bad world of employment! AH!
  As you may already have noticed, a few things have changed about me since I last blogged. Firstly, my severe lack of tan - BOO! Also my hair, it is now a lot shorter and brown. My hair whilst blonde always strayed off course to an orange shade, which drove me mad. Its probably because of the many years of dying my hair and that one not so clever time I decided to dye my hair brown/red ( I blame Rihanna for that one) so with all that in mind, I wanted to take my hair back to basics and got the chop around november. Whilst there is still a small amount of dye in my hair the majority is my natural colour so I plan of getting my blonde on again soon..

To start of the weekly posts that WILL be coming is a quick look I pulled together. During winter, I am a stickler for leather, leather and more leather. I think its effortlessly chic, and can be styled in so many ways to create the perfect look. Here i've paired my River Island leather skirt, with a H&M basics striped top, my favourite ASOS pointed chelsea and my Mango Celine-esq bag. I'm not a big jewellery girl, although I wish I was...but i've put on my Mulberry silver clasp to complete the look. I love the way silver jewellery is so versatile, and doesn't have to break the bank to look classy.

I  have not quite got to grips with my tripod so apologies for the lack of shoe in the first image - who knew they could be so confusing! I am going to be really committed with my posting in the coming weeks and months and really am ready to fall back in love with blogging. 

I am hoping to set up a new twitter for my Candidly Chloe blog in the next few days, as currently it is linked with my personal account so its about time to sort that - I'll be sure to let you know when that's going live!

Anyway, thank you for sticking with me,

Chloe xx


Recent Purchases - Thank The Lord For Student Loans.

Sorry for the absence, I've been settling into my new house and getting back into the swing of Uni. We've immediately been hit with an abundance of work so that hasn't exactly helped the lack of posts but hopefully i'll get into a nice little routine and be able to get at least a post up a week again!

Thank the lord for student loans! EVERYTHING has run out at once, I had to buy new concealer, new mascara, new micellar water, more of my clinique skincare so along with these I decided to pick up a few items that it'd been lusting over for a while now - why not....I've been working hard all summer and it's okay to treat yourself now and then...right?!

Lets start with the beyond gorgeous YSL lipstick - it is from the 'Rouge Pur Couture' collection and in the colour 01. Now this is in my opinion a gorgeous universally sexy red that will look beautiful on a range of skin colours. It is also that type of red that makes your teeth look nice and white - winner. I have only used this product once but the longevity is amazing, I reapplied once after I had eaten and that is it! It doesn't have that horrid tacky feeling that some semi-matte lipsticks have, but it is scented, I can't quite put my finger on the notes but there is definitely a floral scent to it.  

Whilst at the YSL counter I tried the new fusion foundation, and oh my it was something else. I was matched to being in between shades B40 and B50 but as my summer tan fades I will probably end up as a B40. Unfortunately, they didn't have any testers in that day so I couldn't take it home for a play but this foundation is definitely on my hit list for a future purchase. 

Next is the Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturiser in the shade sand. I have been eyeing this product up for months, seen endless reviews about it but just couldn't decide because of the price. ( It retails at £34 Link here ) I'd popped into John Lewis, and luckily for me they had a student event on so I bought it for £27, which still isn't exactly cheap but I felt happier purchasing it at that price. So far so good, the coverage is light-medium, but is definitely buildable it matches fab against my Pro-longwear concealer in NC30. When wearing it with a primer I have no problems, but if I forget this step I have found that it does oxidise slightly, and comes off to the touch. I have just ordered the EX1 Cosmetics Liquid Foundation in F200, as I have heard great things about it and I do want a foundation with a slightly bit more coverage than the tinted moisturiser for those bad skin days. 

Can we please just have a moment for these badboys....Topshop and their shoes never EVER fail to amaze me for all the right reasons. I saw these and immediately fell in love! All my heels are very similar so I had wanted something that looked slightly different for some time. Now if you shop at Topshop regularly you know they're not the cheapest, but you are buying quality and craftsmanship within their designs. For £55 I think these shoes are a bit of a steal really, they are called The Roxy Heel. I just love the studded detail and the over the foot design - they reminded me very much of Kim K. 

Have you tried any of these products? Has anyone tried anything from the EX1 range, I would love to know your views?


Well That Was A Mistake - #2

In May I had the idea to make use of the products that I regret buying to turn them into something useful... products I regret buying posts. Link here for #1.
So here we are now in early september, and with a summer full of impulse buys, we are ready for post number 2! 

Lets start with Dove Summer Glow Moisturiser. I have never been into fake tanning nor will I ever be, being blessed with an all year round tan, I have never really felt the need to buy tanning products. Here I was a few weeks prior to going on my holiday to Santorini and thought bugger it I will try this out to avoid the first day pale-ness sitch..Oh Chloe, what a mistake. First of all the smell, even though this is just a moisturiser it still has the biscuity fake tan smell - YUK! After a few applications rather than giving me a 'summer glow' I was looking more like an orange, having olive skin I have yellow undertones but this was turning my legs into a pinky orangey mess. So Tip for you fellow olive skins out there - this isn't ideal!!

I've heard good things about the Mitchum brand, and have used the stick version of this and have been very impressed, but something told me to try the spray and unscented ( why?! ) version instead. This may be a little TMI so soz in advance but I felt that this was great at avoiding any 'dampness' as such, but throughout the day it gave off this odd smell, it wasn't a sweaty smell but it wasn't nice one either so I soon put this to one side and swapped back to trusty Sure.

Ok...Ok, so maybe I should have not expect much from a Tesco Hairspray but after being stranded without any hairspray I thought, lets just give this a go.. yeah needn't of bothered. It smells like vodka, has little to no hold and simply just turned my hair into a crusty mess, and if it is even drizzling outside your hair will become a walking gluestick..HORRID!

Next is the Garnier 2in1 eye makeup remover, I had read a lot of good thing about this online and having used the micellar water and fallen head over heels with it, I thought I would give it a go. It claims to nourish eyelashes and prevent that annoying eyelash fallout that can sometimes occur with harsher removers. So when my eyelashes began coming out whilst using this I was less than impressed, as you may or may not be able to see from the image I have use the majority of the bottle as I wanted to give it a good go before I gave my final verdict, but I would not recommend or repurchase this again!

Finally its the Essence metal glam eyeshadow, I have been looking for a pinky shade to put in the crease when creating a day smokey eye, and thought I'd give this a go. Especially as it was an absolute steel, so cheap! Essence is a new range in wilko's and everything is under £7 so well worth a browse.. It may be a little harsh to be putting this in my mistakes post as I don't hate it at all. Its just a lot of work for little pigmentation, this may be to do with my skin colour and type and perhaps it would show a little better on paler skin, but as I said I have to use a lot of product to get it to show on my skin..

Have you tried any of these products? If so what do you think about them?



Black Jeans - How I Style + Tips.

These are my absolute favourite jeans, OK...I'm the first to admit my wardrobe isn't the most colourful, nor will it ever be, so therefore these black skinny jeans are an huge staple for me - you can dress them up with heels, or rock them with a pair of your favourite pumps and still have the ability to look super chic!

Although I was lucky with taking my images today, the weather as of late has been nowhere near as gorgeous and warm as the weather was last month. There has been a real chill in the air. (I even lit my first fire at the weekend...in AUGUST!! #craaaazy ) Because of this I have had to begin pushing my Autumnal clothing to the front of my wardrobe a little sooner than thought. There is nothing I love more than a good jumper and shirt combo in the Winter months.. I just love how it can bring a relaxed yet really pulled together look with an outfit.

Skinny Jeans are in my opinion, the easiest and most versatile jeans to style, and here are a couple of my go-to tips when styling a good pair of skinnys:

-Why not roll up the end of your jeans to revamp the look of your skinnys.

-I love styling mine with a Chelsea boot in winter, and a pair of loafers or pumps in the warmer months. 

-Skinny Jeans have the ability to lengthen even the shortest of legs, so to round off that day to night look, match them with a light skin coloured pair of heels to give you a few more inches and plus it creates an optical illusion making the legs look just a little longer..YAAAY

- If your looking for a good, long lasting new pair of jeans why not take a look at M&co's Website they have a wide range of styles, colours and prices!

Not long until I get back to Uni, so beginning to plan my room so expect a room tour post in a couple of weeks, super excited! :)

Do you guys have any DIY tips for a uni bedroom?



As some of you may or may not know, I've just been to Santorini. It's THE most stunning and magical place I have ever been to and I'd highly recommend going to anyone!
Since I've been back a week now, been through the holiday and back to work blues, and thus thought it was only right to do a little post of some of my photos. :)

I was lucky enough to go with my bestest chummy - Sophie. This is us after climbing no-joke about 300 stairs in about 30C mid-day heat so we were rather sweaty but it was so worth it for the views!

The same day we'd taken a coach trip around the island for 44 Euros, which included 4 stop of places, including the famous Oia. It certainly didn't disappoint, not only were the views spectacular the food was out of this world, we had traditional souvlaki - so yummy!!

Now being back in England..reality has hit. Uni's coming up very fast and i'm no where near prepared, I have summer work, and new house essentials to stock up on - any excuse for a trip to Ikea hey!? ;)

Anyhoo, have any of you guys been to Santorini, or even have anywhere you reccomend for me to visit in the future??

Until next time...


Santorini - My Holiday Essentials.

I'm off to Santorini on Tuesday, I'm VERY excited, so today I started my packing lists, 'to-do' lists, all the pre-holiday essentials, and thought why not do a post of the things I can't live without when on holiday! 

I recently took a trip to my local Matalan to my delight they had some gorgeous bikinis for almost half the price of anywhere else, I picked up a gorgeous bright fushia bikini top and bottom for £8, which I thought was an absolute bargain!! I'd highly recommend Matalan for bikinis to anyone.

Next is my Tangle Teezer, this is an absolute essential not just when on holiday but for life. My hair knots very easily and with this brushing it out isn't the pain it used to be, so this is ideal to just pop in my beach bag to give my hair a quick brush post-swim! 

As anyone knows, sun cream is a must so I picked up a couple of bottles of suncream from Home Bargins ( My new favourite shop - everything is so cheap! ) I got one that I've used before by Garnier and also this Malibu aerosol spray which looks like it will come in useful when applying suncream, cutting out some of the faffing, and plus I love a gimmick!  

Hand sanitiser - a huge must! I picked up this Soap and Glory version at boots. Its a perfect size to just pop in your bag and just whip it out when needed.

I am in love with this Garnier - Intensive 7 day moisturiser, it doesn't leave my skin feeling sticky like so many others tend to do. Moisturising before and whilst and after your holiday is essential to ensure a long lasting tan!

I'm not a huge make-up wear-er whilst on holiday but the Revlon Colourstay in Demure is perfect, it replenishes my lips whilst giving a natural sweep of colour. 

Now the obvious - 
Passport, wouldn't be going anywhere without it!
Hairgrip - get that hair out my way!
Sunglasses - My Beaut Bvlgaris will be worn almost all times!

So, i'm going to be away for a week, so the blog posts will be sparse, but be sure to check out my Instagram as i'm sure they'll be a few obligatory Holiday posts going up on there!

Are you going away this year? Have you been to Santorini, can you suggest anywhere to visit?