So....I'm going to Australia! I am so unbelievably excited!

Australia is a place I have always wanted to go but really never had the balls. I've always talked myself out of it, it's too far, it's too much money, I've got no one to go with...you catch my drift. That is until my flatmate Amy and I had a "...shall we actually do it" conversation.

Our close friend is currently out in Australia and we had been living vicariously through her Facebook photos, feeling very jealous. One night Amy mentioned that she had always wanted to go...we both had a moment and thought actually, we could do it! BUT where do you start, it's so overwhelming! 

 We sent a quick message to our friend who pointed us in the direction of STA travel. STA travel are a travel company aimed at young adults wanting to travel abroad, they offer trips, flights, visas, travel insurance, you name it they can pretty much do it!

We booked a meeting at our local branch, going in we felt excited but extremely overwhelmed by the prospect but our advisor talked through everything we needed to think about and showed us the deals and packages that STA offer. Our friend had mentioned to perhaps stay away from the packages as they do tend to be overpriced - but I guess they've gotta make their money somewhere. Although we knew we weren't wanting to book a package with them we'd heard they have crazy cheap flights so wanted more information on that. The deals they do on flights are incredible, seriously I have no idea how they make them so cheap but I am certainly not complaining. 

After a good few hours in STA, we needed some time away to speak to our parents and really process all the information we'd been told within the shop. A week later I think it was we happened to browse their website to find that they had a sale on and that our flight from Manchester to Sydney had gone down £50 to £407 (one-way only) Which is an absolute steal!
Needless to say we got our bottoms back to the shop ASAP and booked our flight! STA offer a deal where you can put a deposit down of £49 and pay the rest of as and when you can ( as long as it is all paid 10 weeks before your departure ) so there we are, as easy as that..we're off to Australia in November. 
We still have a lot to figure out and organise but it's all really exciting! 
Now it's time to save save save! 

Have you ever been to Australia, is there anything you recommend doing?
How did you go about saving?



Lets get back to some fashion shall we. 
As much as I love a winter wardrobe, I'm not quite as fond of the weather, gloomy Liverpool student live is very much the mood of the photo! EW!
Only 10 weeks to go, then i'm off flying for the summer, I am so excited to get some travelling under my belt and whilst earning money for my Australia trip, what more can I ask for!? 
When i'm styling, I always think parisian/rocker/gentlewoman..I love minimal styles, and having the ability to invest in pieces that will carry me over from season to season is really a big thing for me. I'm the first to admit that i'm really not a "trend" follower..

This outfit is a perfect example of this! I LOVE this Asos strip vest, its not the conventional vest shape, it's slightly more boxy which I am a big fan of. Sadly, I didn't get to wear this much over summer because it was FREEZING, but i've found a way of taking this piece through to winter and that is by layering it over a simple polo neck top. This one is again from Asos, but i've seen identical ones in primark for pennies! (more fool me) 
I'm living for black on black at the moment so I obviously paired these with my black Topshop Leigh jeans, paired with my Topshop point boots..So there it is! Topshop X Asos simplicity!

On a new note - how amazing is Zayn's Song - CAN NOT stop listening to it!

Chloe x


Lets do this, for me.

I've been thinking about this post for a while now.

 How to get back into blogging without making up some lame-ass fake excuse as to why I stopped blogging...how about some truth.

I have always been very wary as to what people think of me, never wanting to disappoint, come across big headed, snobby, vain even, but somehow those labels gravitate towards you when you begin blogging. 
I enjoyed making the content for my blog but once I hit send, huge twangs of anxiety hit..but why?!
The online community is such a supportive one, with people writing genuinely lovely comments about me what i'm wearing, or just even sparking up conversation with me - I couldn't speak highly enough about the online community.

It's when i'm talking face to face to the people around me about blogging, that is when I feel most judged. Creating all these view's and opinions in my head that they may or may not have of me for blogging, and the anxiety starts all over again. 
Doubts creep into my mind and I begin avoiding blogger because it's easier to ignore a passion of mine rather than set off the anxiety train.

Anxiety is something that so many young people around me suffer from and it sucks. There is still such a stigma around it, but it is getting better out there, and realistically that is one of the reasons that maybe I was able to be more open with myself about it - The fact that I do struggle and that sometimes I do need a bit of help, and thats okay. 

 At the age of 22, i've turned a page. I've spoken to doctors about my anxiety and ocd and I am moving forward. I've even booked a one way ticket to Australia for later on in the year...(definitely raised the anxiety levels booking that one)
But i'm doing it for me, and thats what excites me the mosts..I suppose its my new motto "doing it for me"
Thats where blogging comes back into it, fuck everyone else.. i'm doing it for me, if people want to judge, judge away - i'd like to think i'm in a place now where I can turn a blind eye. If people read my blog great, cheers thank you very much but this is just really an online outlet for me. Writing about things I enjoy, fashion beauty and travel really being up there on the list. 
So here goes, CandidlyChloe3.0..lets do this..for me.


America Haul #1 - Beauty//

I'm back from my holibobs, it was so much fun! The weather, ooo the weather, it was so hot, it was perfect, anything from 90-100F depending on the day. Needless to say, we spent a lot of time in the pool, and at the beach... it was great. Now, i'm back in England and its a torrential downpour and cold. Not okay! England has had a mini heatwave since i've been away, and now that i'm back the weather is awful...again. Bloody English summers!  

Whilst I was away I did hit the shopping scene pretty hard, but I couldn't not. American shops are SO different to the ones here so I had to take advantage. When we'd go to Publix for a food shop, i'd go off on my own and just oggle the food..realistically the food in the supermarkets is probably similar, its just the packaging, its so bright and fun! 
But, onto the good stuff..I thought because I did buy rather a lot (my bank account is not okay) that I'd split the haul into two blog posts, starting with my beauty related items.

Lets start with these EOS lipbalms, I bought the "Summer Berry" and "Mint Vanilla" one. Now, you can buy these in England but the price of them here is just ridiculous especially when in America they're anything from $2-$4..Not okay UK...Not Okay! I also picked up the hand cream for my Momma, and some other scents for my best friend. 

I've seen these in some drugstores here, but again the price is just on a whole new level of not okay, so when I saw these on offer in Walgreens it was a no brainer. I wen't for the shade "Birthday Suit" which is a very light nude pink. The shine when used with the top coat is beautiful, although you do have to make sure you do use the topcoat sparsely as i've found it helps it to last that much longer. 

Needless to say, I LOVE sephora! Why they're not in England I will never know. It is literally heaven on earth with everything any make-up enthusiast would ever want under one roof..really puts Boots to shame if i'm honest. America 1- England - 0.  These bobbles are amazing, they don't get caught in my hair, they don't leave a mark, and on top of all of that they look quite cute just on my wrist.. 6 for $9..bargain!

I've been in Florida for 3 and half weeks so I am a lot darker than when I arrived, so I got myself colour matched in Sephora. I tried a couple of bb creams/lightweight foundations before deciding on this Bobbi Brown BB cream in "Medium to Dark". Its got quite the price tag at $46 but so far I would say that it's 100% worth it. I have never really liked BB/CC creams I felt as if they were more aimed at people with dry skin, but the mattifying power of this product is insane. It lasts me all day, literally ALL DAY with just enough coverage to hide any imperfections..I am in love! 

I've heard so much about NYX products from watching YouTube, and reading blogs so I decided I had to give it a go. I was slightly overwhelmed by the selection they had but I remembered that my girl Nicole Guerriero uses the NYX Butter Glosses a lot and they always look amazing on her, on that I bought the shade "Tiramisu." It is a gorgeous gloss, that isn't overly sticky and again has quite some staying power. I've been wearing it over my MAC lip pencil in "Stripdown"

You can't go to America and not pick up some Crest Whitestrips! Their teeth whitening game is seriously on point, and I had to get me in on it. My teeth have always been quite white naturally and I just wanted to boost the whiteness a little. I am so happy with these strips, and i'm so glad I stocked myself up with these babies before I came back home!

Have you even tried any of these products? What do you recommend me buying next time!?

Keep your eyes posted for part 2 of my America Haul.

Until Next time... 


Casually Styled // Zara Boyfriend Jeans

I am fast approaching my trip to America, my suitcase is packed, my hand luggage is nearly ready to go..I've only got a few bits of bobs to get from town today, and then I am ready! WOO! I Fly on Saturday, and I can not wait!
As the majority of my warm clothes are packed, I'm having to really search to collate an outfit..

Here is today's look - I love these Zara boyfriend jeans! I have probably been searching for a good pair of boyfriend jeans for about a year or so now. Every pair i've seen have either drowned me, or just looked plain silly! As I do have quite slim legs, I needed a pair that had semi structure to them without being to "Skinny"...Picky I know! I often have an exact idea of a piece of clothing that I'd like, and I don't settle until I find exactly what I'm looking for, and these jeans are a perfect example of it!
Here i've rolled the bottom of the jeans slightly to show the detail of the sandals, these sandals are so old. I bought these from H&M maybe about 3 years ago, and I just love them. Again I'm very particular with the style of sandals that I'm looking for and until I find a pair, these aren't going anywhere!

Paired with this oversized H&M top, creates the perfect casual look. It's pulled together without being too overdone..If you're looking to add a little more shazaam to an outfit, pair it with jewellery, and perhaps some heels et voila! 

In terms of posts while I'm away, I probably won't get much of a chance to get any up, but be sure to check out my Instagram at Candidly Chloe to follow everything I get up to on my holibobs! I will updating that daily!
And of course, that haul when I get back..brace your selves, It's gonna be a goodern! 

Til' next time...


Mulberry Bayswater Bracelet // Puppy Update //

The weather was incredibly temperamental today, so I really didn't think I'd be able to get the photos I needed...But luckily we got a small bracket of sunshine here in the 'Shire so I was able to get these snaps - YAY!

I am in love with this H&M "Basics" Dress...It's a stripe, no shock there really! I'm 5ft 7, a very medium height, some lengths completely shrink me, but this is the perfect length to give the illusion of a few more inches, hazaar! 
If the wonderful English weather would realise that it is the end of May, and it should be blimming warm..*vigorously shakes wrist* then I wouldn't have to be wearing my Primark Fleece tights, but I'm going to Florida next Saturday so this dress will definitely be coming - Minus the fleece tights! 

This is hat is a Topsop beauty! I feel that they are the shop to go to for hats on the highstreet, season after season they nail them! Although it is an A/W 14' throwback, i'm bringing it right into S/S 15'. I really haven't gotten as much wear out of this as I should have over the past few months, but no time like now eh!?

This Mulberry Bayswater bracelet has to be one of my favourite pieces of jewellery, its classic and the signature Mulberry clasp just takes it to a whole new level. I've had my eye on this clasp for a good while now and when I received it for my 21st in December, I was over the moon! Needless to say, I wear it every opportunity I can!

Now, who wants to see the Puppies!?

They kept on trying to sneak into my photos, and they're just too cute not to feature them! They're getting so big, why can't they stay puppies forever! I'm dreading how big they're going to be when I get back from America! :( 



Simplistic Stripes//

I have been super inspired lately by Pinterest, I tend to pin very simplistic, minimal looks as that is where I am aiming to take my wardrobe. I want to invest in pieces that are timeless that I'm able to reuse and re-jig season after season. The Parisians have totally nailed this ethos, so I tend to search "Parisian Fashion" or "French Fashion" and needless to say a lot of stripes, black, and leather tend to appear.

I recently did a little bit of Asos shopping and picked up this striped top, paired with black jeans, and loafers create a totally effortless look. As this is England we are talking about... a jacket, or cardigan is an essential, so again think simple. Duster coats and trench coats work beautifully with simple pieces, finalising the effortless chic the Parisians do so well.

In terms of make-up, again less is more so for this look it's just a quick sweep of mascara and eyebrows and your set..

In other news, I have become stupidly obsessed over "Dance Moms." How amazing is that show?! The bitchy-ness is on a whole new level..it' great!
I've also started getting my goodies for my holiday next week, i've been watching lots of "What's in my travel bag" on YouTube, and making lists..It's all very exciting!